What year the US first send the Marines to Vietnam?

Answer 1965, on 8 March.

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What year did Agent Orange spraying stop in Vietnam?

Agent Orange is the code name for an herbicide developed by the U.S. Military. Its objective was to deny cover to the enemy by removing foliage from trees and shrubs. The military stopped spraying ... Read More »

What was the impact of direct US military involvement in Vietnam and what consequences did it have for Vietnam and Cambodia?

The direct impact on SOUTH Vietnam was exposure to the United States way of life. SOUTH Vietnamese people saw what US personnel looked like; how they dressed, how they talked, how they moved about ... Read More »

Could a seventeen year old join the military in the Vietnam era without a GED or high school diploma with a parents signature?

Yes, I did it at 17 in 1961 and went to Vietnam in 1966 to 1967

Is US Army Reservist who served during the Vietnam War a Vietnam Era Vet?