Why do you get a new flu shot every year?

Answer Viruses mutate very quickly. As they move through a population, passing from individual to individual, they change to bypass the immune system defenses and environmental conditions and sometimes th... Read More »

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Did you get a flu shot this year?

No. I maybe should, but I don't like flu shots. I could be taking a chance, but I'm fairly healthy for my age and I'd just as soon use other methods to avoid getting sick.

Why should you get the flu shot each year?

Last year's vaccine may not be effective for this year's virus. A new vaccination each year is needed to prevent illness from the three flu viruses most likely to be circulating during the upcoming... Read More »

Does last year's flu shot still work?

It will work almost forever for the exact same flu viruses. However due to viruses' ability to mutate to new forms that would not be prevented by the injection you already had, you will need a new ... Read More »

What is the best time of the year to get the flu shot?

Approximately one month prior to the start of the flu season. In the US the flu season is in the fall and winter, as in all Northern Hemisphere locations. It is the opposite time of year in the Sou... Read More »