Any non religious 4 year colleges in Seattle?

Answer roflmao. The others warned you about out of state tuition rates, and we have been having a spate of gun violence lately, making some city areas unsafe. Please do not bring any trouble with you. ... Read More »

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What year was the Seattle World's Fair?

The 1962 World's Fair took place in Seattle, Washington, with a theme of "Century 21." The centerpiece of the fair, which took place between April 21 and October 21, 1962, was the 605-foot Seattle ... Read More »

The Average Salary of a First Year Attorney in Seattle, Washington?

Approximately 8,158 people worked as attorneys in the greater Seattle, Washington area as of 2008, according to the Washington Employment Security Department. The need for attorneys in the city wil... Read More »

What jobs hire 15 year olds in Seattle Washington?

Fast Food places IF you get a school work permit.-

EFC this year is 4700 as an independent. Last year I made 19k but I'm not working this year. What should I do?

You need to report this change to your financial aid office at your college/university and they will report it to FAFSA. Yes, it will reduce the EFC since you are not working.