What year was Scooby Doo created?

Answer The popular children's cartoon Scooby-Doo was created in 1969 by Fred Silverman and featured a lovably goofy dog and four teenagers who solved mysteries. These shows and various film iterations are... Read More »

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What year was Megan's Law created?

President Bill Clinton signed Megan's Law on May 17, 1996. Under this law, states must register all known sex offenders. Also, personal information, such as the home addresses of offenders, will be... Read More »

What year was the worldwide web created?

The idea of the World Wide Web or the Internet first started in 1980s, but the debut of it as a publicly available service on the Internet happened on August 6, 1991. Major growth of the world wide... Read More »

Who created thylamide and in what year?

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What year was iCarly created?