What character in the animated movie shark tale did robert deniro lend his voice to?

Answer "Shark Tale" is a mobster movie set in the sea. Celebrated actor Robert DeNiro, known for his many gangster characters, lent his voice to the character of Don Lino, the head of a criminal shark fam... Read More »

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Where was Barbra Streisand born, and in what year was she born?

Barbara Joan Streisand was born April 24, 1942, in Brooklyn, NY.

When was Dr. Robert Cade born?

Dr. Robert Cade, inventor of the popular sports beverage Gatorade, was born on Sept. 27, 1927. Dr. Cade, a nephrologist (kidney specialist) by trade, invented Gatorade in 1965. He died in 2007 at t... Read More »

Robert E Lee was he born with good leadership?

many say that he was born with good leadership because of the family that he was born into.... so if ur gonna take my answer then juss stick with yeaa.. but u kno im juss a lil 8th greadeRRR

What year did Robert Kennedy Jr. get his law degree?

Robert Kennedy Jr., is the son of Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of President John F. Kennedy and Sen. Ted Kennedy. He is a graduate of Harvard University, from which he received the Bachelor of Arts... Read More »