What year was AstroTurf first used in the NFL?

Answer According to the NFL in its list "Top Ten Things that Changed Football," AstroTurf was first used by the Houston Oilers (then in the AFL, which later merged with the NFL) in 1968 in the Astrodome, ... Read More »

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In what year was Astroturf first installed in a professional football stadium?

In 1966, AstroTurf was installed at Houston's Astrodome, which became home to the Houston Oilers, then part of the American Football League, in 1968. In 1975, AstroTurf was installed in two NFL ven... Read More »

What year was AstroTurf invented?

James M. Faria and Robert T Wright of Monsanto invented AstroTurf, originally named ChemGrass, in 1965 and received a patent in 1967. The artificial playing surface received its current name when t... Read More »

What was the first year 925 was used on silver?

The number 925, indicating a 925 parts per 1,000, or "sterling," silver, was first used by Tiffany, Young and Ellis in 1851. Unlike most European countries, the United States has never used hallmar... Read More »

What year was the term Internet first used?

The term "Internet" was first used in 1974 in a paper by Vinton "Vint" Cerf and Bob Kahn on Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). The Internet itself was created in 1958 by AT&T with just a modem. I... Read More »