What year the camera was invented ?

Answer The actual invention required many pieces, but here is a fact;4th - 5th Centuries B.C. Chinese and Greek philosphers describe the basic principles of optics and the camera.The first camera that was... Read More »

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What year was the video camera invented?

Hi "anoynomus": [you might watch your spelling, to gain some credibility & respect] Fellow Yahooligan "Byron" was almost correct on his dates and trying to spell "iconoscope" (later called the "i... Read More »

What year was a pinhole camera invented?

The pin hole camera was first used by John Herchal in 1839

What year was the digital camera invented?

AnswerThe digital camera was invented in 1993 and was a very expensive item.The digital camera was invented in 1975 by Steven Sasson and another engineer from the Kodak Company

What year was the view camera invented?

According to, the folding bed view camera was invented in 1882 by George Hare. The camera design was the first prototype for models later developed throughout the United States and Euro... Read More »