Hi.I`m going to GENEVA SWITZERLAND on New Year....I`m going to stay 3 days there....?

Answer The answer is a simple NO. You do the ever same calculation mistake: Travelling to a destination and coming back from it usually takes at least half a day. The rest is the other half...

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You are going through a custody battle and you need to know what kind of psychological issues your one year old is dealing with Even though his father wasn't around for the pregnancy or the 1st year.?

AnswerIt's unlikely that your child is going to even remember being a year old. I would be more concerned if it was a child 5+ years old. If the child IS experiencing psychological symptoms it's du... Read More »

OK PARENTS what in the World is Going on ..?

its no different than parents who dont watch their kids in shopping malls and stores and the kids get abducted. or parents who leave kids at home that are too young to be home alone or parents who ... Read More »

What did going to the moon prove to the world?

proved that America was number one in technology and therefore the number one superpower

If the world was going to end what piece of music would you go out to?