What date is the Jewish new year?

Answer The Jewish new year is a 10-day celebration that begins on the first day of Tishri, which is the seventh month in the Jewish calendar. Rosh Hashanah is celebrated on the first two days of Tishri an... Read More »

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Why are there hardly any Jewish restaurants serving popular American Jewish food?

guess it depends where you live. plenty of restaurants serve food associated with the jewish culture in Skokie Illinois and surrounding towns. Chicken matzo ball soup, chopped liver, bagels, challa... Read More »

What is the first day of the week on the Hispanic calender?

In the Hispanic countries in Latin America and in Mexico, the first day of the week is Sunday or "Domingo" in Spanish. In Spain, Monday is considered the first day of the week. The Spanish word for... Read More »

How to Be a Respectful Non Jewish Guest at a Jewish Holiday Dinner?

Non-Jews can be very nervous about their manners in Jewish situations. They need help and reassurance.Here's what to do:

How does a Jewish child become Jewish?

A Jewish child is usually born Jewish, however, children are permitted to convert, just like adults.