What year did the whoopie cushion come out?

Answer A sales representative from the JEM Rubber Company invented the Whoopee Cushion in 1930. It was sold to the public for the first time in the novelty catalog from Johnson Smith & Company in 1931.So... Read More »

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Whoopie Pies in NYC?

I saw them at the Union Square Farmer's Market - look for a table with baked goods - Oak Grove

How to Make Whoopie Pie?

If you have a sweet tooth and a few extra ingredients in the house, try whipping these up in a hurry. This recipe makes about 20 individual cakes, which equates to 10 pies. A vegan recipe is also p... Read More »

How to Make Vegan Whoopie Pie?

Yummy!Whoopie pie is full of yummy sweetness, but for those that are vegans, the ingredients are a bit problematic. Here is a vegan recipe to help you with that!

How to Do an April Fools Day Whoopie Prank?

Here is an ancient yet funny trick for whoopie on April 1st.