What year did the whoopie cushion come out?

Answer A sales representative from the JEM Rubber Company invented the Whoopee Cushion in 1930. It was sold to the public for the first time in the novelty catalog from Johnson Smith & Company in 1931.So... Read More »

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Where did the Whoopee Cushion come from?

The Whoopee Cushion was originally manufactured by the JEM Rubber Company located in Toronto, Canada starting in 1930. It was sold by the Johnson Smith and Company in 1931 in their novelty mail ord... Read More »

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Whoopie Pies in NYC?

I saw them at the Union Square Farmer's Market - look for a table with baked goods - Oak Grove

How to Make Whoopie Pie?

If you have a sweet tooth and a few extra ingredients in the house, try whipping these up in a hurry. This recipe makes about 20 individual cakes, which equates to 10 pies. A vegan recipe is also p... Read More »