What year did the poinsettia come to US?

Answer Garden on June 6th, 1829." The occasion was an exhibition by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, which ultimately evolved into the long-standing Philadelphia Flower Show.

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What are the plants called that come back year after year in your garden?

What color are the flowers on poinsettia?

Poinsettias come in a variety of colors, with red being the most popular. There are also white, pink, salmon, apricot, yellow and cream poinsettia flowers. Some types of poinsettia's leaves are spe... Read More »

What does a poinsettia symbolize?

What color of the poinsettia flowers?

One traditionally thinks of a Poinsettia as a red flower, however, the flower is actually yellow but very small and insignificant. The colored 'flower' that makes the display is produced by the lar... Read More »