What did year did the CIA start?

Answer because its the body of law that the us follows

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What year did CIA start?

President Harry S. Truman created the CIA after being promted to by congress. William J. Donovan created the CIA's predecessor, the WWII Office of Strategic Services. The firt director was Roscoe H... Read More »

In what year did IRA deductions start?

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act created the first Individual Retirement Accounts in 1974. At that time, people who qualified could invest $1,500 per year as long as they were under 70 1... Read More »

What year did UPC codes start?

The concept for UPC bar codes as an automated checkout and inventory control measure was proposed in 1932 by Wallace Flint. A patent was issued in 1949 to Bernard Silver and Norman Woodland for a r... Read More »

What year did Kyle XY start?

I believe the show started in 2006 or 2007, but you should be able to go to ABCFamily's website and find out.