What year did the medieval times start?

Answer The medieval times began in 1066 with the influence of the Roman Empire. During medieval times, people were governed by a king whom they referred to as their Lord. The king lived in a castle and wa... Read More »

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When did the medieval times start&end?

The medieval times in Europe, also called the Middle Ages, started around the year 800 AD and lasted 700 years, until around the year 1500 AD. Medieval times are associated with feudalism, castles,... Read More »

How did the Hundred Years'War start in medieval times?

The Hundred Years' War was a series of conflicts between English and French royal houses. The war helped to define European territorial boundaries and shape the future of both England and France.Va... Read More »

When did the Medieval times end?

The Medieval times, also known as the Middle Ages, lasted from approximately 1066, the year that the Normans took over England, to 1485, the year that King Richard III died, according to Middle-age... Read More »

At what age could you become a nun in medieval times?

During medieval times, a girl or woman could enter a convent, beginning the process of becoming a nun, at any age. This process usually took about one year. While some young girls were dedicated to... Read More »