What year did the library of alexandria burn down?

Answer Julius Caesar, in 47-48 B.C., is most likely responsible for the 300-year-old library's burning, according to author James Hannam. Alexandria remained a seat of learning, and the adjacent museum su... Read More »

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Who burned the library at alexandria?

Plutarch, the Greek historian, wrote that Julius Caesar burned the Library of Alexandria during a battle in 48 BC., but some scholars disagree. They have suggested others as being responsible for t... Read More »

How many scrolls were in the Library of Alexandria?

The Library of Alexandria once contained more than 500,000 scrolls from countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Alexander the Great founded the library in Egypt and built it into the most complete a... Read More »

Who destroyed the library at Alexandria?

Accounts of the burning of the library vary. Some say Julius Caesar was responsible during his visit to Alexandria in 47 B.C. Others blame Theophilus, the Christian Patriarch of Alexandria, 500 yea... Read More »

Who burned the great library at alexandria?

Julius Caesar burned Alexandria's fleet and harbor in 47 BC. Flames spreading to the library destroyed a small percentage of the scrolls. In 389 AD, Christian Emperor Theodosius ordered pagan monum... Read More »