What year did the first"survivor"tv show air?

Answer The first episode of "Survivor" hit the airways on May 31, 2000. The first season was filmed in Borneo. The show's theme song, "Ancient Voices," is re-mixed every season to reflect the music popula... Read More »

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How is it that Omar Miller of CSI Miami is in the show open his first year on the show?

You can watch all the episodes without downloading it and its for free on

How can you find out what Oprah Winfrey is going to give away to the audience on her Christmas Show this year 2007 Also is it too late to get tickets for that particular show?

Answer I have heard from an insider that cars will not be given away. There will be gift baskets with Oprah's favorite things. Also a few select audience members will get a vehicle based on need.

I appeared on an episode of the morton downey jr show in Chicago titled the gay versus straight Olympics i don't remember what year where could i obtain a copy of this show?

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