Will the price of iPhone 3g drop any time soon?

Answer The iPhone 3G now starts at just $99.

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What time is the million dollar money drop on?

You don't. They are not going to give you money. Get real.

What time in the morning does the barometric pressure drop?

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Does my credit rating drop every time I check my report?

No, checking your credit report does not hurt your score. There are two different types of inquires, hard and soft. Hard inquires occur when you apply for new credit and do affect your score if you... Read More »

Can I still become a early childhood teacher if i drop out of year 10?

Please don't drop out. The way you are feeling has more to do with your age than it does with the school. I felt the same way at your age. I just didn't think I could stand it any more. But I d... Read More »