How to Do the Electric Slide?

Answer The electric slide is an easy, fun dance for all ages. Please follow these steps to get maximum results.

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When was the Electric Slide invented?

Choreographer Ric Silver created the Electric Slide, a 22-step line dance, in 1976. The dance is popular at weddings, bar mitzvahs and other celebrations. The song that usually accompanies the Elec... Read More »

Where did the Electric Slide originate?

The Electric Slide is a four line dance created by choreographer Richard Silver in New York. Wildly popular in the 80s and 90s, the iconic dance's creator has an extensive background in choreograph... Read More »

Who wrote the electric slide?

The Electric Slide is a once-popular, four line dance. It was created by New York choreographer, actor and dancer Ric Silver. Designed in 1976, the dance features a series of repeated steps. The El... Read More »

When did the Electric Slide start?

The Electric Slide is a line dance or rather a series of repeated steps, usually performed in a group. Often featured at parties and other gatherings, it is performed alongside Marcia Griffith's El... Read More »