Is it bad for a 3 year old to be drinking coke?

Answer Hyper? My money is on him being a lazy, overweight sloth.Coke isn't just sugar... well it mostly is, but that's also the point. If he grows up drinking lots of Coke, then he'll be unhealthy.

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Been drinking for a year, am i an alcoholic?

I know my mom drinks too much and i hate her for being drunk. If it is affecting your family then you are doing too much.

How can a 16-year-old stop drinking?

AnswerYou have to have the will power, strength, and courage and you have to want it. You need to have a good support system such as family, friends, counsellors and even if it is an option for you... Read More »

What year was the drinking bird invented?

The drinking bird was invented in 1945 by Miles V. Sullivan, a Ph.D. scientist, while working at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, New Jersey. The bird was an immediate success and has since marked it's st... Read More »

What year did allday drinking in England start?

There is no such thing - this does not exist.