How did the Marvel civil war start?

Answer Marvel Comics' "Civil War" was a seven issue limited series that featured its canon of characters broken up into two warring factions after the Superhero Registration Act passed in the fictional un... Read More »

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How did expansion&slavery start the civil war?

The basic version of the cause of the American Civil War often boils down to one word: slavery. Yet slavery had existed in the United States since before the Constitution was even ratified, and had... Read More »

Will Civil Air Patrol help a twelve year old girl get into the Coast Guard Academy when she grows up?

AnswerYes definitely, especially if said 12 year old girl gets involved in the emergency services program. It also provides a lot of training in moral leadership and discipline that will be helpful... Read More »

Can a Marine who has a civil court date receive non judicial punishment from the Marine Corps prior to appearing in civil court?

Yes. Action under the UCMJ is separate from action in a civilian court.

What year did CIA start?

President Harry S. Truman created the CIA after being promted to by congress. William J. Donovan created the CIA's predecessor, the WWII Office of Strategic Services. The firt director was Roscoe H... Read More »