What year did the child labor law go into effect?

Answer in 1836, the Federal Government took the initiative to regulate the amount of hours and the type of work that a child could do.

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When were child labor laws put into effect?

U.S. states and the federal government have passed a number of child labor laws since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, when many children were forced to work in factories. In 1836, Massa... Read More »

What year did child safety seat laws go into effect?

Washington State was the first state to pass a child safety seat law in the year 2000. Other states quickly followed and adopted the mandatory use of child safety restraints. As of the year 2010, a... Read More »

What year was the child labor law established in the 1900s?

According to the Our Documents website, the Keating-Owen Labor Act of 1916 was passed banning children under 14 from working in factories, children under 16 from working in mines, and children of a... Read More »

What year were child labor laws instituted?

In the United States, the first state child labor law was passed in Massachusetts in 1836; it required children younger than 15 working in factories to go to school for 3 months out of the year. Fe... Read More »