What year did the Marine Corps form?

Answer The Marine Corps was formed in 1775, when the Continental Congress passed a resolution. This resolution established the Continental Marines and started the whole Marine Corps, who serve on land as ... Read More »

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How many Marine Regiments form a division in the Marine Corps?

Sizes vary with the structure and the structure varies depending on budget and the needs of the country. It could be up 10 regiments in a Division. The normal Table of Organization calls for three ... Read More »

Why did the US Marine Corps form?

To protect US Navy ships and installations.

You were in the marine corps and switched to army what ribbons can you wear from the marine corps?

all exept for ones related to naval experience. In accordance with AR 670-1 29-6 You may wear any ribbon or award that you have been permanently awarded. But, they must be worn in accordance of hi... Read More »

Where did the US Marine Corps form?

The Marine Corps was formed in Philidalphia, PA at a little place called tun tavern in 1775 The United States Marine Corps was formed on November 10, 1775, at Tunn's Tavern, In Philadelphia, PA. I... Read More »