Love the Beatles Hate the Beatles or just don't care?

Answer Hello Alyssia!I Love the Beatles, The Beatles were as important to music as rock and roll and the Motown sound. For that reason, I love the Beatles, there has been no other sound like theirs, they ... Read More »

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Beatles: What are are the first five Beatles songs that come to mind?

"A Day In The Life" "It's All Too Much" "Rocky Raccoon""Something""Hey Jude"

Do i need to do a W-4 form every year?

On One Hand: Not RequiredAccording to Internal Revenue Service Publication 919, you do not have to file a new W-4 form every year. You are required to file one when you start a new job, but the IRS... Read More »

Have you had any form of exercise this year?

Yep, played golf a couple of times and, due to the bad weather I walked down to town most days, I suppose it does us good-------

What year did NASA form?

NASA came into being on July 29th, 1958.