What year did seat belts become mandatory in cars?

Answer Seat belt laws were enacted on a state-by-state basis. In 1961, New York and Wisconsin became the first states to require seat belts. By 1965, all U.S. cars were required to have seat belts.Source:... Read More »

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What year were seat belts installed in cars?

Early cars had no seat belts. In the 1930s, doctors began installing seat belts in their cars, realizing that accidents were increasing along with cars' speed and popularity. In 1955, California wa... Read More »

Should Seat Belts Be Mandatory To Wear?

noif you have the liberty to get yourself killed with poor diet, smoking, drinking, skydiving, not wearing a motorcycle helmet in free choice states, army enlistment, mma fighting, and a million ot... Read More »

When were seat belts mandatory?

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the first safety belt use laws in the United States became effective in New York in 1984. The District of Columbia and every state except fo... Read More »

Why we should wear seat belts in cars?

So you don't go through the front windscreen when someone hits you head on. It's been proven that safety belts save lives. Plus, in many places, it's the law.Personally, I've been in a head on coll... Read More »