How can I help my wife to lose weight She's always been thin but in the last year she has gained.?

Answer Ooh.. Women and weight, touchy subject. If she's gaining that fast it's not normal, especially with what you said her diet consists of. Something most doctors don't check for these days, and it's a... Read More »

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What year was Mexico City founded?

Mexico City was initially named Tenochtitlan when it was founded by the Aztecs in 1325. The city was not officially named Mexico City (Cuidad de Mexico) until the Spanish renamed it in 1585.Referen... Read More »

I want to go to Mexico next year from sydney but all flights are via USA?

You can fly LAN from Sydney to Mexico City or Cancun. The flight would stop in Auckland and you'd change planes in Santiago, Chile, and bypass the US entirely.

How much money does Mexico make in oil each year?

Mexico's annual oil revenues are $91 billion United States Dollars (USD), according to the Revenue Watch Institute (RWI). RWI notes that Mexico is the sixth largest crude producer and the tenth lar... Read More »

How can you adopt your seventeen year old nephew from Mexico?

Bring him to the United States and fill out the proper paperwork to legally adopt him, but first make him a legal citizen.