What year did it change from sergeant major general to major general?

Answer There has never been a Sergeant Major General.

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Is a sergeant major higher than a General Major?

There is NO SUCH THING as a "General Major". A Sergeant Major is ENLISTED.. ANY officer Outranks him... even a butter bars 2nd Leutenant. However, you wont see many 2nd Lt's going after a CSM (Comm... Read More »

What is higher Adjutant General or Major General?

Adjutant General is a position held by a general grade officer. Major General is a rank.The Adjutant General of the U.S. Army is a Lieutenant General which is higher than a Major General. At the st... Read More »

What does major general mean?

Major General is a rank in the armed forces of a large number of the world's countries. In the United States, a Major General is a two star, general rank officer in the US Army, US Air Force, and U... Read More »

Who was the first woman Marine Major General?