What year did communist China first participate in the Summer Olympic Games?

Answer The nation officially known as The People's Republic of China first participated in the Summer Olympics in 1952. That was the 15th Summer Olympics of the modern era, and it took place in Helsinki, ... Read More »

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What year did Communist China first participate in the Summer Games?

Communist China sent its first team to the Summer Games in Helsinki in 1952. The country quit the Olympic movement for the 1956 and subsequent games over recognition wrangles with Taiwan. China sen... Read More »

What effect did the communist takeover of china have on US foreign policy?

This development, as well as Communist-led revolts in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaya, led U.S. foreign-policy makers to vow to hold the line against communism in East Asia

How did the CIA change after the communist takeovers in Eastern Europe and China during the cold war time?

The technology itself is a matter of national security, and is disseminated on a Need to know basis. That being said, most civilians have no Need to Know.

Why did the US participate in military intervention in China?

To protect important economic interestsThe United States was protecting vital trade interests