What year did cigarette commercials go off air?

Answer Cigarette commercials were banned from television by Congress in January 1970, a ban which was signed into law by President Richard Nixon on April 1, 1970. The last cigarette commercial, for Virgin... Read More »

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Can 14 year old some honeyrose cigarette?

I don't get the question but if you want more help then what Yahoo is going to get you email

Don't you think they should have Got Fruit commercials instead of Got Milk commercials?

Arn't the Florida Orange Juice commercials bad enough :-) I get your point though.

What year was the cigarette roller invented?

James Bonsack, an 18-year-old American, invented the first mechanized cigarette roller in 1880. Before his invention became popular, people rolled their own cigarettes by hand by wetting tobacco pa... Read More »

Can 14 year old smoke honeyrose cigarette?

Smoking anything is damaging to your lungs. It is just best to remain smoke free.