What year did the Charles Schwab Company go public?

Answer Charles Schwab became a publicly traded company in 1985. Its first brokerage was opened in 1975. It started offering online trades in 1996 and grew into a major discount brokerage that services bot... Read More »

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What year was Charles Schwab's company founded?

Charles Schwab founded the discount brokerage firm The Charles Schwab Corporation in 1974 as Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., in San Francisco after failing with his first company, First Commander Corp.... Read More »

What year was the Charles Schwab company founded?

Charles Schwab and Company, the discount brokerage, was founded in 1973. As of May 2010, the San Francisco-based company has 306 branch offices, and it also has locations in Puerto Rico, Hong Kong ... Read More »

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The Woodson School is not a school for troubled children in Abilene, Texas. Established in 1890 as the Abilene Negro High School, the segregated school was renamed in honor of Carter G. Woodson in ... Read More »

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