What year did car insurance become mandatory?

Answer The concept of insurance for various modes of transportation has been around for centuries, but the first mandatory liability auto insurance law in the U.S. went into effect in 1927 in Massachus... Read More »

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What year did airbags become mandatory?

The United States government declared driver's side airbags mandatory in 1994. Passenger-side airbags became mandatory in 1998. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, since th... Read More »

What year did air bags become mandatory?

According to the, the driver-side air bag was made mandatory by the United States government on cars as of 1994. A few years later passenger-side air bags were mandated, in 199... Read More »

What year did seat belts become mandatory in cars?

Seat belt laws were enacted on a state-by-state basis. In 1961, New York and Wisconsin became the first states to require seat belts. By 1965, all U.S. cars were required to have seat belts.Source:... Read More »

In what year did health insurance companies become publicly held?

Health insurance companies have never been publicly held since the United States has a privatized health care system. The only nationalized forms of health insurance are Medicaid and Medicare, and ... Read More »