What year did blue lights appear on u.s. police vehicles?

Answer Police vehicle light beacons first appeared in 1940. By the early 1960's, there were full light bars on law enforcement vehicles, including blue and red lights. Blues lights are more visible in day... Read More »

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Who first used blue lights on police cars?

It is hard to say when and where blue police patrol car lights were first used; they are still not used by every police department. The color blue has been used to identify police around the world ... Read More »

Why do police cars use red& blue lights?

Police cars use red and blue lights to alert other drivers. Red lights indicate there is an emergency and provides a warning. Blue lights signal that a police car is approaching. Police cars have l... Read More »

Police Techniques for Fleeing Vehicles?

Pursuing a fleeing vehicle is one of the most dangerous aspects of a police officer's job. High speeds and reckless behavior on the part of a suspect can lead to injury and death of the suspect, of... Read More »

Are police the only vehicles with tax exempt license plates?

Police vehicles are not the only ones to display tax exempt license plates. Many entities may display the tax exempt tags, including volunteer fire departments, instruction vehicles in a driver edu... Read More »