What year did allday drinking in England start?

Answer There is no such thing - this does not exist.

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At what age did you start drinking coffee What made you want to start?

I was 20. My first cup I dumped A LOT of sugar and creamer in it. Once that caffeine rush hit me, I was hooked. Then, I got accustomed to the flavor. Now, I love it!

When will CSI NY start in England?

It will be released on the 10th of August acording to wikipedia

When did itv first start in England?

the slitheen is on characters on luke just stroll down the page and there he is congratlashons please don't sqeeze viniger on him

Been thinking bout killing myself allday Help Please?

I have this feeling quit often too. I have cut too deep, ODed, hung myself, AND starved myself for 2 weeks. Only getting close to dying with the overdose. If you go to the hospital they'll put you ... Read More »