What year did all children and adults get vaccinated against measels?

Answer I would recommend that you try and find the cause of the eczema. Many doctors will tell you there isn't a cause, that is what they told us. However, we did not believe that to be true.After trying ... Read More »

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What do you do when your small children visit their father who stays at his daughter's and they see the adults there pick up their 4-year-old son by the front of his shirt and curse and call him names?

Answer You have the right to protect your children, legally if need be, from witnessing abusive incidents during their visitations with their dad. Contact your local Child Welfare center or Dept... Read More »

Should children be vaccinated for HPV?

Yes. Vaccination for HPV can reduce the risk of HPV (Human papiloma virus) infection, genital warts, and cervical cancer in women and penile and rectal cancer in men. The HPV vaccine Gardasil was f... Read More »

Should all children be vaccinated?

Yes, unless they have allergies to the ingredients, are too young for them or there is a specific medical condition present in the child that would cause an undesirable reaction. Ask the child's pe... Read More »

Should parents be jailed if they don't get their children vaccinated Some people think it causes autism?

Parents have several opt out options for childhood vaccinations: medical, spiritual, or personal. With either choice the parent must sign specific forms and/or the health care provider. It should b... Read More »