In what year was the play Westside Story written and why?

Answer In the late fifties, originally written as three words West Side Story, not as one word as you have it. Vesry controversial street-gang romance some said was updated Shakespeare (they claimed Romeo... Read More »

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What year was the movie"A Christmas Story"made?

According to IMDb, "A Christmas Story" starring Peter Billingsley was released in November 1983. It was directed by Bob Clark and written by Jean Shepherd, winning two awards and being nominated fo... Read More »

Is this woman crazy Why isn't she thinking of her 4 year old daughter Your thoughts & story inside->? she's basically saying that the potential title of "World's Most Obese Woman" is more important than her four-year-old daughter?!?!?! That is absolutely horrifying, selfish even. What is ... Read More »

An Arabian Nights story title is 'The Story of the Enchanted .....'?

How to Create a Digital Story in Photo Story 3?

With the advent of the Internet and the widespread deployment of digital photography utilities, digital photo storyboards long ago began to replace physical storyboards. Digital photo storyboards a... Read More »