What year did the"Thriller"album come out?

Answer Michael Jackson released his "Thriller" album on Nov. 30, 1982. Two other versions of the album, "Michael Jackson 25th Anniversary of Thriller" and "Thriller 25 Super Deluxe Edition" were released ... Read More »

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What are the plants called that come back year after year in your garden?

What are some great horror/thriller movies?

I agree with Dallajanooma, the best thriller/horrors have to be the Saw series.Some that I've watched (and enjoyed):-Hostel:Gory splatter horror, youths go on holiday to Amsterdam and become victim... Read More »

What is your favorite political thriller movie?

Hey Tamara :)It's a tossup between Milk and Frost/NixonBQ- JFKI think it was the conspiracy theory aspect that turned me off to JFK. Either that or Kevin Costner, I hate him ;)

Where does the money come from that pays for the NASA Program year after year?

The simple answer is 'our taxes' Certain taxes are used for specific purposes such as the gasoline tax which is dedicated to road construction and repair. But a great deal of tax monies especial... Read More »