What are the plants called that come back year after year in your garden?

Answer Perennials

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Where does the money come from that pays for the NASA Program year after year?

The simple answer is 'our taxes' Certain taxes are used for specific purposes such as the gasoline tax which is dedicated to road construction and repair. But a great deal of tax monies especial... Read More »

What year did Pac-Man come out?

Namco developed and released the arcade version of Pac-Man in the United States in 1980. In 1981, Atari made and released a version for its Atari 2600 home video game system. Several spinoffs of th... Read More »

What year did plasma TV come out?

In what year did cassettes come out?

Phillips developed the audio cassette in 1962 to use in dictation machines. It was first sold to the public in 1963 and became a popular audio format because of its small size and low cost.Referenc... Read More »