What are the plants called that come back year after year in your garden?

Answer Perennials

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What happens if your six year old daughter said Mommy david had his pee-pee in mine?

I hope a professional answers this one (and erases this placeholder), but speed also seems important. I think you'd better call your family doctor or a family therapist for advice right away. Wh... Read More »

As a teacher of preschoolers, what is the funniest thing they have said repeating something you said?

one day when i got really frustrated in class i said "jesus, mary and joseph". about 2 weeks later i said "jesus" and a child chimed up with "what about mary and joseph"? i don't say that in fron... Read More »

What is the library called at brock university?

The library at Brock University is the James A. Gibson Library. Currently it contains more than 2 million holdings. The library takes up eight floors of the Schmon Tower. It is open 90 hours per w... Read More »

What does brock from tough love do?

Brock Redmond, alumni of VH1's reality TV show "Tough Love" spends his daylight hours coaching high school and club volleyball. Presently he is coaching the girls volleyball team, The Chargers, at ... Read More »