What type of assistance does the Ryan White Act provide for people with AIDS?

Answer The Ryan White HIV/AIDS CARE Act, as it was originally called, is now called the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. It provides assistance to medical providers, agencies and health systems who, in turn, ... Read More »

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What is in the pool every year that looks like a white strand of hair white one or two inches long?

Answer Could be your hair? One to two inches long? The chlorine can turn dark hair white because of the bleaching effect.

Since Hannah Montana and Jake Ryan are dating again is Jake Ryan going to be in every episode until they break up?

I read on some spoilers that Jake asks Miley to marry him, after she learns that she is pregnant. It is part of pregnancy prevention day. Nickelodeon is doing something similar, with Nick News, the... Read More »

In what year was the white board invented?

Just as the exact inventor of the white board is unknown, the exact date of invention is also unknown. The "Who Invented It" website notes that white boards began to be used in the 1960s, and their... Read More »

What year did white women get the right to vote?

White women in the U.S. were able to vote for the first time in 1920. The 19th Amendment was ratified to include women as full U.S. citizens with the right to participate in the voting process.Sour... Read More »