What car does Ronnie "Sunshine" Bass arrive in in the movie Remember the Titans.?

Answer 1966 Chevrolet Corvette

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What year did you buy your first VCR Do you even remember?

-My first VHS/VCR was an RCA. It was HUGE and was able to support my TV at the time (which was 19"). -The cost of the VCR was $1,249.95-I bought it at a store called SaveMart (they've since gone ... Read More »

What year was referred to in"Remember the Alamo"?

The battle of the Alamo occurred in December 1835. The defenders of the Alamo, mostly Americans, were massacred. Gen. Sam Houston defeated Gen. Santa Anna at San Jacinto, Texas, in April 1836; his ... Read More »

How to Remember What You Learned During the School Year?

The school year is a hard time, for you have to deal with many subjects, especially if your in middle or high school. So, check out these tips on how to remember what you learn for next year.

Looking for a show aired in the 90s from what you remember it was about aliens was set in a desert and you distinctly remember a scene with some sort of webbing any help would be appreciated?