What year did Pringles come out?

Answer Pringles first hit stores in 1966, although it did not see wide release across the entire United States until the mid-1970s. The Pringles brand is owned by Procter & Gamble and is famous for its tu... Read More »

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What year were Pringles introduced?

Proctor & Gamble introduced Pringles in the United States in October 1968. The snacks are named after a street in Cincinnati. Pringles are available in 45 flavors and are sold in more than 100 coun... Read More »

Who is the pringles man?

The Pringles' potato crisp mascot is known as Julius Pringles. The logo has appeared on cans of Pringles since they were introduced in 1968, however in 2001 Julius Pringles received a makeover.Refe... Read More »

How are pringles made?

Pringles are a popular potato-based snack food produced by Procter & Gamble. They were first manufactured for sale in the United States in 1968. Their recipe and manufacture is quite different from... Read More »

When were Pringles invented?

Pringles chips were first introduced in 1968 by the Procter and Gamble company. The inventor listed on the patent is Alexander Leipa of Ohio. Pringles chips are dehydrated, cooked potatoes that are... Read More »