What is the name of the speech every US President gives once a year at the beginning of the year in January?

Answer This is known as the State of the Union speech or address.

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Who was the secretary of state while Lincoln was running for president?

During Abraham Lincoln’s election campaign in 1860, Lewis Cass was Secretary of State. Cass served as President James Buchanan’s Secretary of State until the end of 1860, then Jeremiah S. Black... Read More »

Who was the first man President Lincoln asked to command the Union Army?

The first man that Lincoln asked to lead the Union Army in the Civil War was Gen. Robert E. Lee. Lee declined the offer because of loyalties to his home state of Virginia, which had sided with the... Read More »

What year did Abraham Lincoln read the annual state of the union address?

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What year did the President Casino open in St Louis?

In 1993, President Casinos, Inc. applied for a gaming license from the Missouri Gaming Commission to open a riverboat casino aboard the Admiral, a five-deck vessel. The license was granted in 1994,... Read More »