What year did Norway start supplying trafalga square with Christmas trees?

Answer 1947

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How fast do Norway spruce trees grow?

The Norway spruce, or Picea abies, grows more than 18 inches a year in ideal growing conditions. It is the fastest-growing of all the spruce trees. Mature Norway spruce trees reach 80 to 100 feet h... Read More »

How do I plant potted Norway spruce trees?

Prepare Planting AreaPrepare the Norway spruce planting area by verifying the location receives full sunlight and has adequate air circulation. Test the soil pH to verify it is 5.0 to 7.5. Work gro... Read More »

In what year did artificial trees begin outselling real trees?

Although more homes may boast an artificial tree, artificial trees do not outsell real trees. In 2008, according to National Christmas Tree Association, approximately 30 million real trees were sol... Read More »

Which country donates the Christmas tree to Trafalgar Square?