What year did Microsoft go public?

Answer Microsoft Corporation is a international computer technology company whose shares are traded on NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) through the stock ticker sym... Read More »

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What year did Microsoft release Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for Windows?

Microsoft Windows was released in 1987. Microsoft Excel was one of the first programs released for Windows. From 1987 until 1992, with Microsoft releases of Excel 2.0 and 3.0, no other spreadsheet ... Read More »

What year did Apple become a public company?

Apple became a publicly traded company on Dec. 12, 1980. In the initial public offering on that day, Apple stock cost $22 a share. Since its IPO, Apple stock has split three times.Source:When was A... Read More »

What year was the cell phone introduced to the public?

Motorola released the world's first cell phone to the general public in 1984. The model was called the DynaTAC, and it weighed 28 oz. Rudy Krolopp was Motorola's lead designer of the DynaTAC.Source... Read More »

What year did the Charles Schwab Company go public?

Charles Schwab became a publicly traded company in 1985. Its first brokerage was opened in 1975. It started offering online trades in 1996 and grew into a major discount brokerage that services bot... Read More »