Where would you be able to find the supposedly widely publicized photograph of Lucille Ball leaving the memorial service for Desi Arnaz?

Answer Answer Property Insurance on the pictures and developing equipment. Assuming you are running a mechanical developing place, the negatives are the most important part. Insure the negative storage b... Read More »

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What was Lucille Ball's first television appearance?

What year was the mirror ball invented?

The mirror ball, or disco ball, has been around since the 1920s, but first came into prominence with the '70s disco era. Although there is no exact date when the mirror ball was invented, its first... Read More »

Who invented the ball point pen&in what year?

In 1881, American leather tanner John Loud patented a roller-ball-tip pen. Because the ink clogged, however, his invention was never produced, nor were any of the 350 ballpoint pens patented over t... Read More »

What year was the ping pong ball patented?

Table tennis first was patented in England in 1890 by David Foster, using a 30-millimeter rubber ball covered in cloth. The name "Ping-Pong" wasn't trademarked until 1900, however, by Hamley Brothe... Read More »