Who was Jerry Rice partner on dancing with stars?

Answer cheryl burke

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Who is the second best wide receiver in the history of the NFL, after Jerry Rice?

A panel of coaches and analysts selected Randy Moss as the second-best receiver after Jerry Rice. Some panelists voted Don Hutson, Chris Carter, Michael Irvin, Paul Warfield and Marvin Harrison, am... Read More »

What year did Bob Barker retire?

Yes.In 2012, Justin Bieber will have a gameshow named "Will You Midget Me?", to be launched on Fox channels.

In what year did JFK retire from the navy?

John F Kennedy did not retire from the Navy. He was discharged after the war. He was disabled with a back injury.

What year did Michael Jordan retire?

Michael Jordan announced his first retirement from basketball in 1993. After rejoining the Chicago Bulls in 1995, he announced his second retirement in 1999. He again entered the NBA with the Washi... Read More »