Is janis a jewish name?

Answer The name "Janis" is English. It is a variation of the name "Jane," which is Hebrew and can be interpreted as meaning "God's grace" or "God is gracious." "Jane" originally evolved as a female variat... Read More »

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What is the origin of the surname Janis?

The last name Janis is an English surname that originated from the first name Jan, which was a variant of John. Spelling variations of the name include Jans, Janes, Jayne, Jane and Jeynes.Source:Ho... Read More »

What nightclub did Scott joplin play at?

How far is Joplin, Missouri, from the Fayetteville, Arkansas airport?

If you are traveling on US-71 south, Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport is located 68.8 miles south of Joplin, Missouri. The Fayetteville airport is just 75.6 miles south if you take both US-71 so... Read More »

If a 17 year old got a 14 year old pregnant what can the 14 year old parents do to the 17 year old guy Even if the girl really likes the guy?

Answer Well you may have to go to court for the baby! If I got prego then my mom would just have a talk dwith that guy no court nothing! To tell you the truth I am 14 too! My friend I really like i... Read More »