What year did J.J. Thomson discover isotopes?

Answer Sir Joseph James Thomson discovered the existence of isotopes in 1912. He also discovered the electron in 1897, which facilitated his later discovery of isotopes. Thomson received a Nobel Prize for... Read More »

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When did J.J. Thomson discover isotopes?

Through his research on positive ions, Sir Joseph James (J.J.) Thomson found that neon gas was a combination of two types of ions. He also proposed these ions could have a different weight, charge,... Read More »

When did J.J. Thomson discover the isotope?

According to the Manchester Science, Discovery & Exploration website, Sir Joseph James Thomson and his team of scientists discovered the first isotopes made of neon in 1912. These isotopes were the... Read More »

What did john thomson use to discover the electron?

English physicist Joseph John Thomson used cathode ray tubes to explore the nature of the electron. In these experiments, electrons were found deflected by charged plates and magnets. Many years la... Read More »

What year did Galileo discover Jupiter?

No single person has been credited for the ancient discovery of the planet Jupiter, named after the chief Roman god (known as Zeus to the Greeks). Galileo discovered four of Jupiter's larger moons-... Read More »