What year did Honda Odyssey come with side airbags?

Answer Side curtain airbags became available in Honda Odysseys starting with the 2002 model year. The year 2002 also saw the advent of another safety feature made standard throughout the Odyssey lineup: r... Read More »

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Does a 2007 honda crv have side curtain airbags?

For 2007, the Honda CR-V came equipped with two side curtain airbags, which deploy from inside the roof, for both front and rear passengers. For front-seat passengers, there are two side airbags an... Read More »

How to Adjust the Drivers Side Headlights on a Honda Odyssey?

Proper aiming of headlights on a vehicle is often taken for granted until the road ahead at night is shrouded in darkness even with the headlights turned on. The good news is that headlight adjustm... Read More »

How to Replace the Side Mirror on a 2006 Honda Odyssey?

When contemplating the purchase of a side view mirror for a 2006 Honda Odyssey, make note of whether the mirror is a heated or non-heated type. Side view mirrors can be rather expensive, so the alt... Read More »

How to Install a Side View Mirror on a Honda Odyssey?

Although you may not be able to see how it's attached to your door, replacing the side view mirror on your Honda Odyssey is not as hard as it seems. Forget the body shop or expensive local service ... Read More »