At what grease level is it the proper time to pump out a grease trap?

Answer A grease trap is a system that many cities require to be installed in restaurants and other places with public kitchens. It removes grease from waste water, preventing it from being added to the wa... Read More »

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Do retail processors come with thermal grease?

Most modern computer CPUs purchased in the retail box come complete with a thermal grease that aids the dispersal of heat to the heat sink and fan. "White box" or "OEM" processors usually do not c... Read More »

I am getting grease from my washing machine on my clothes what is wrong with it. It is only 1 year old?

If you are sure that it does not come from clothing that is dirty from grease, like at some point you might have washed a load of clothing that had lots of grease on them and it collected around in... Read More »

What are the plants called that come back year after year in your garden?

Where does the money come from that pays for the NASA Program year after year?

The simple answer is 'our taxes' Certain taxes are used for specific purposes such as the gasoline tax which is dedicated to road construction and repair. But a great deal of tax monies especial... Read More »