Deer Hunting Games for 18 Year Olds?

Answer The sport of deer hunting has always been a favorite pastime of many Americans, both young and old. The thrill of the hunt and the excitement of bagging a trophy deer is a great feeling that cannot... Read More »

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How much does a whitetail hunting guide make in a year?

Inexperienced whitetail deer hunting guides can make $75 to $100 per day, plus meals, a place to stay and tips. Experienced guides can make $150 to $200 per day, plus lodging, meals and tips. Seaso... Read More »

What Is a Good .25-06 Remington Bullet for Elk Hunting?

The .25-06 Remington is a cartridge that is most commonly used on deer-size game. For elk, the .25-06 is considered minimal by some and too small by many. However, with well-placed shots and sturdy... Read More »

Is a 50 caliber muzzleloader good for hunting elk?

On One Hand: The Power of the .50 Caliber MuzzleloaderA .50 caliber muzzleloader is a powerful weapon that is certainly capable of taking down a large elk, even at great distances. Because of the t... Read More »

Good Elk Hunting Spots in Oregon?

Elk hunting in Oregon can be among the most gratifying of hunting experiences in large part because of the plentiful populations of both Roosevelt and Rocky Mountain elk that reside there, reports ... Read More »