Where is Constantinople on a world map?

Answer The city of Constantinople now appears as Istanbul on a world map. It is located in northwestern Turkey, and the city straddles the Bosporus Strait, which connects the Black Sea with the Mediterran... Read More »

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What year did the Twin Towers fall in New York City?

The World Trade Center (Twin Towers) fell in 2001, as a result of the 9-11 terrorist attacks. One of the 110-story towers survived a lesser attack in 1993 when a truck bomb exploded, killing six pe... Read More »

What are the natural resources of the Turks&Caicos Islands?

Tthe Turks and Caicos Islands are very limited in natural resources. The coral reefs there are home to conch, lobster and fish. The ocean and beaches draw many visitors. Tourism is what drives the ... Read More »

How did the ottoman get its name?

Answer the first Ottoman Sultan's name was OSMAN 'Uthman'!OSMANLI (turkish language)Ottoman (english language)

Is an ottoman a pouf?

Yes, an ottoman is a pouf--also spelled pouff or pouffe--according to Webster's Dictionary. Webster's third definition of the noun "pouf" is "a kind of ottoman or hassock." Poufs come in various sh... Read More »